The Vision

Pioneering in higher education through community service at the local, Arab and international levels and providing the community with scientific and technical products.

The aims

1-Develop the polarized human resources and increase their efficiency through the provision of continuous education and training programs for all community institutions and the dissemination of scientific and human culture.

2-Preparing and qualifying graduates to be distinguished in their fields of specialization as leaders and producers in their societies to meet the needs of the labor market with a distinct professionalism.

3-Meeting the needs of the Iraqi ministries and other sectors with technical and teaching staff for the various disciplines of fine arts, including:

a-Preparing university professors and the thinking scholars of arts fields.

b- Preparing teachers of art education for secondary stages.

c- Preparing technical staff specialized in the fields of drawing, sculpture, pottery, interior design, print design, industrial design, fabric design, radio and television, cinematic arts, Arabic fonts and decoration, music arts, performing arts, represented by theatrical representation, theatrical directing and theatrical techniques.

The message

The College of Fine Arts at the University of Baghdad is committed to raising the level of quality in education by providing high-quality scientific programs in the primary and postgraduate stages. Also providing consultations to attend the community that meet the needs of the labor market, which works to supply the local artists and teachers with teaching qualifications in the fields of teaching design arts, , theater, Fine, painting and decoration, cinema and television, music and art education for those who possess knowledge, skill and cultural abilities with the aim of raising the level of artistic field  and aesthetic awareness and informing the community of the importance of art civilly, educationally, morally and culturally to achieve comprehensive quality and access to national accreditation.