The college is located in three different and geographically separate locations. It is managed from the main complex of the College of Fine Arts building. It is one of the oldest historical monuments in the Al-Waziriya district in Baghdad near the Bab Al-Mu’azzam area. It now includes the deanship of the college, the administrative units and divisions, and three scientific departments: 1- Department of Cinematic and Television Arts 2-Department of Design 3- Department of Fine Arts

As for the second complex of the Faculty of Fine Arts, it is located in Al-Kasra area, near Al-Sarafiya Bridge, and includes the following scientific departments: 1- Department of Art Education 2- Department of Arabic Calligraphy and Decoration 3- Department of Musical Arts

The third location is (Theatre Building) The third complex of the college is also located in the Al-Kasra area and includes all the scientific branches of the Department of Performing Arts and one of the largest university theaters in Baghdad (Al-Rowad Theater)